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For a delicious smile

What we pursue every day is that
You can smile with delicious food, not just offering delicious food
We value the taste of the atmosphere.
Please spend a variety of scenes, such as special occasions and daily routines, with "Takara Sushi" to your heart's content.

Recommended dishes

With luxury crab
【寿しの膳 山】

【寿しの膳 山】On the course, you can enjoy a full course with sashimi, grilled food, fried food, sushi, dessert etc. starting from pre-installation. Enjoy the luxurious seasonal kaiseki course in a calm Japanese high-quality space.

Popular with women
【寿しの膳 力】

Made to enjoy many popular menus from Takara-sushi 【寿しの膳 力】◎ Combine the materials to make them more attractive and try to enjoy various kinds of eyes and tongues.

Seasonal hot pot



寿司・割烹 たから寿司 丸山

Business hours:2F room
        :1F counter
Regular holiday:Wednesday(Holiday business)

April holidays
       : 3(Wed)
       : 4(Thu)

May holidays
       : 1(Wed)
       : 8(Wed)
       : 9(Thu)
      *We will be open on Thursday, May 2nd.

June holidays
       : 5(Wed)
       : 6(Thu)

     294-7 Jizodo, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Phone number:072-431-2001